5 Tips to Make Your Casual Wedding Extra Special

December 12, 2019

5 Tips to Make Your Casual Wedding Extra Special

There’s a massive myth in the wedding industry that ‘low key and casual’ means turning up to a registry office on a Tuesday afternoon in a flannie, jeans, and thongs. Not true! Casual weddings are simple and stress-free, sure, but dull and boring they are not! Let’s take a look at 5 easy tips to add that extra special touch to your wedding day while still giving your that relaxed, easy-going day you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Keep an Open Mind



OK, so you’ve decided that you want to keep your wedding low key and casual… great! But where are you going to hold the ceremony? The great thing about getting married in Oz is that the country is your oyster! If you’re having a civil ceremony, civil marriage celebrants can marry you anywhere… land, sea, or air! So if you keep an open mind, it's actually pretty easy to inject a bit of extra special ‘oomph’ into a
casual wedding by choosing a location that really means something to you and your future spouse.
How about an intimate ceremony in national park forests, or even out on the beach overlooking the ocean? How about your backyard? Or the rooftop of your apartment building? Always remember this:
You don’t have to hold your wedding in a fairytale castle to feel like a Princess on your wedding day.


2. Don’t be Afraid to Be Glam

Even if you’re just having the simplest of backyard ceremonies, that doesn’t mean you have to go for a simple look on your wedding day. Remember — you’re going to be looking back at the photos for years to come. The last thing you want is to be gazing at them and thinking ‘ugh, I wish I hadn’t tried to do that winged eyeliner myself!’. If you’re not confident in your own ability to achieve the look you want,
there’s no law that says you can’t bring in the professionals, even if you are trying to keep everything low key.
Looking fab is a real confidence booster, and can make your wedding feel even more special. But don’t worry: you don’t have to get all ‘bridey’ about it and start going for hair and makeup trials. Just read some reviews and book a beauty appointment online with someone who knows what they’re doing.

bridal updo


3. Get Creative

One of the biggest dilemmas that many women face when they’re planning their casual wedding is that they want to feel like a traditional, special bride, without going through months of stress trying to pick flowers and cakes and caterers and so on and so on. So why not get creative? Take the bouquet, for example. Sure, you want to carry a bouquet; for a lot of women it’s a big part of the whole ‘getting married’ process… but do you really have to worry about picking the right flowers and colours?

No way! You can make your wedding special without all the hassle. Floral-free bouquets are actually hot, hot, hot right now, giving the bride something to carry without the flowery fuss. There are lots of non-flower bouquet possibilities: paper, pine cones, feathers… one bride even had chicken nuggets!

Cotton bridal bouquet



4. Have a Standout Feature

Minimalist wedding arch

There’s always that one special thing that everyone remembers about a wedding. Think about it. You always get home at the end of the night and say ‘wow, wasn’t this great’ or ‘omg, that was different’ (for someone I know it was those much-needed bacon sangers that were passed around at 11pm to soak up the plonk!). So what’s your thing? Standout features don’t have to be fancy (as confirmed by the bacon experience), so you can keep it low key and casual while also making sure you get everyone talking.

If you’re having an outdoor reception, why not have a s’mores bar set up for the evening? Or, if you can’t think of anything worse than cake tasting, create an amazing dessert table filled with all sorts of simple shop-bought tasties. Garden games are another perfect idea to entertain and amuse your guests.




5. It’s All About You

What does ‘extra special’ really mean? Surely it means different things to different people, right? Right! So don’t try and make your wedding extra special for everyone else; make it extra special for you. Have a think about what you and your partner really love, and find ways to incorporate your favourite things into your wedding day for a casual wedding that really shows off your own personality. Casual weddings mean no pretences… they mean you get to be you, and enjoy all the things that are special to you.

So what’s special to you? If you’ve got a bit thing going on with big juicy steaks, how about firing up the barbie and serving your guests a BBQ lunch? Simple? Sure. Special? Well why not? Making any wedding — even a low key one — extra special is all about adding those special and unique personal touches.

Bridal song


Your Wedding, Your Way

You know, big fancy weddings aren’t for everyone, and that’s OK! But choosing to have a casual wedding doesn’t mean that you need to forfeit those extra special aspects that will help to make your wedding day feel like your wedding day to you. Don’t be afraid to add your own sparkle to create perfection!


Guest post by the incredible Sarah Pelham

Sarah Pelham is the Beauty & Wellness Expert for Bookwell.com.au, an online platform for instant bookings for hair, nails, beauty & massage appointments. For nearly four years Sarah has worked closely with hundreds of salon owners within the beauty and wellness industries. She has her finger on the pulse of new trends in this growing market.


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