How To Not Become A Total Bridezilla

November 04, 2017

How To Not Become A Total Bridezilla

How to Not Become a Total Bridezilla

We’ve all witnessed one: a soon-to-be-married woman with a sharp tongue that makes you duck and cover, a threatening disposition, and stress emanating off her body in waves. It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of wedding planning and to forget to just ENJOY this beautiful and exciting season that you’ll only experience once.

So how does one survive this season with class and keep herself from sprouting a few extra grey hairs?

1. Hire a wedding planner.

Even if you want to be your own decorator and have the deciding roll in all things your wedding, having a professional on your side significantly takes the weight off of the bride. Especially if you’re wanting to just take a day off and get some much needed R&R, you can trust that there’s someone who will keep on top of it. This is also super helpful for the day of so that you can be fully present in your wedding and not have to worry about the logistics of your special day.

2. Schedule in time to do something fun, non-wedding related with either your fiancee or close friends and family.

Prioritising time to kick back, have a glass of champagne and hang out with your favourites will really help take the edge off and will actually help you appreciate this wedding season even more!

3. Keep a Wedding Diary

Here you can journal your to-do list, appointments and all of the things you don't want to forget. Often bridezillas are created by the overwhelming amount of unorganised tasks. Luckily, this can be solved by putting everything you need to keep on top of in one place and therefore staying calm!

4. Plan to have all of the essentials done a week in advance.

This gives you time to go to the spa, watch a movie with your family, have that long talk with your dad, journal, and enjoy your last moments of singlehood! This also provides an easier transition into the actual wedding and can help your mind be at ease on your actual wedding day.

Was this helpful? Let us know your anti-bridezilla tips below! Much love, White Meadow xx

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