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Whether you seek a beautifully unique day, or you are cost conscious – what you really want is to have a magical time with your nearest and dearest, and to have those extraordinary memories with you forever


The team at White Meadow are on a mission to give loved up humans all over the world the best possible start in married life, that is why they create beautiful timeless designs that are as unique and stunning as the brides who opt to wear them.

You know how brides tend to spend a lot on a designer wedding dress and many of them look the same? Well, we avoid that because we are a rare breed. A quirky set, able to see things that are not there and things that could yet be. That coupled with hand making all the wedding dresses locally and wholesaling them directly to style obsessed brides like us!

You get a quality made designer gown but you pay a fraction of the cost for it, which means you have more in your pocket to spend on other things that really matter to you and your awesome fiancé!

We’ve long obsessed about style. In particular, show stopping modern yet timeless wedding style


Sure, there are a few luxury wedding dress brands we adore but the prices charged for a piece you will only get to wear once are astronomical. Even for style junkies like us.

So we set out to reinvent the business of luxury wedding dresses. In late 2014, followed by an exciting engagement, a small group of Sydney siders started a conversation. We felt that a wedding day was such a special time and the beginning of something much greater – a lifetime of adventures together. While there was every temptation to go all out for your big day, we felt there’s so much more brides and grooms of today have to worry about. Owning your own home, honeymooning in exotic locations and starting a family of course. We also wanted to do something about wedding dress prices. We felt they had become pretty unfair. We love beautiful dresses so much, but somewhere along the way things had gotten out of hand.

It was time to start a revolution!

We found out that wedding dresses get marked up dramatically the minute they reach middlemen & mass retail stores. We avoid these things.


We offer our wedding dresses online and through our wholesale showroom,  directly to style obsessed brides like us.

We design, hand cut and hand stitch every order. It takes time. And effort.


Only a few true artists are left in Australia that know how to create dresses this way. We found them and made them part of White Meadow.

We all love what we do and we want nothing more that to spread that love by making your special day everything you've ever dreamt of and so much more!

The Founder


White Meadow is an outcome of a personal journey and the quest for the perfect dress of a Sydney bride Natasha. The founder and head designer of the brand has been a fashion industry insider for over 12 years, always having a tremendous love of delicate fabrics and lace.

This life long affair with fashion began at an early age, creating little labours of love as Natasha spent her youth watching and learning from her favourite grandmother. She went on to design lingerie before falling in love with bridal style.

Finding the perfect dress for this style junkie’s wedding was proving to be impossible. Knowing only too well how the industry operates, Natasha refused to stretch her wedding budget by going with the only dream dress option available at the time – outlaying thousands of dollars for a high end designer dress.

It quickly became evident that bridal industry was catering mostly for conventional brides or non-brides. Dress styles on offer were somewhat dated, lacking innovation and any trace of individuality, not to mention the quality of the more affordable brands was appalling. Service was another area missing WOW factor – the weekend appointments seemed rushed and you weren’t made to feel special or unique at any point. It was also incomprehensible how you were made to wait for your purchase anywhere between 6-9 months!

This wasn’t good enough and White Meadow came to life to transform the norm and the cost of getting married.

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